R&D Chemist

The Bench Chemist works to help improve existing coatings and develop new coating products and test coating properties.  The Bench Chemist will work in the R&D laboratory and investigate and develop coatings pertinent to the projects assigned by the R&D Manager, Technical Direct and Senior Chemists.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.  R&D

  • Innovation
    • New Product Development for existing Markets
    • New Product Development for new markets
    • Existing Products for new market development
  • Must ensure IP/Trade Secret protection
  • Have knowledge or gain knowledge in all chemistries in the area of resinous flooring, in particular epoxy, polyurethane,  MMA and polyuria
  • Recommend and perform research assignments related to flooring systems, performance, formulation and application
  • Dedicate resources within R&D of assigned projects to technicians
  • Make recommendations for new or modified research projects based on chemistry to support company's directives
  • Work simultaneously on projects
  • Design and implement lab test procedures and parameters for real world results
  • Provide Technical leadership to Senior Management

2. Process/Product/Cost Improvement in all aspects of DAF

3.  Project Management through Stage Gate processes

4.  Tech Services

  • Failed floor analysis
  • Core Analysis
  • Design experimental protocols for specification testing, floor testing, etc.

5. Technical Sales/Customer Support

  • Specification review/testing
  • Product recommendation
  • Jobsite traveling and training of new product launch
  • Sales calls support/closing
  • Chemical resistant evaluation or confirmation
  • Review MSDS for floor system compatibility
  • MSDS review and documentation support
  • Provide written documentation to support product claims and authentication
  • Technical calls beyond Tech Service expertise

6. Marketing Support

  • New idea/market evaluation
  • Literature writing/support and technical data reviewing (PDS, Al, Sell sheet)
  • Competitor's product evaluation

7.  Chemistry certification in support of color matching

8. Production Support

  • Process Engineering SOP
  • Pilot scale to full scale production
  • Health and safety of the chemical operator
  • Formulation maintenance in MRP system
  • RM MSDS maintenance
  • Finished Goods MSDS(GHS)
9.  All other duties as assigned
10. RM COA verification
11. QC/QA technical support, approval, and validation
12. Meeting with Suppliers for pricing, new product ideas, developing partnerships etc.
13. All other duties as assigned.


Education, Experience, Skills and Abilities Required:

  • PhD in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 1-3 years related experience,
  • MS degree in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 3-5 years related experience
  • BS degree in chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering with 5-7 years related experience.
  • Must have a solid background in organic chemistry and/or inorganic chemistry.
  • Hands-on expertise in formulation of coatings systems, including resin choices, additive packages and coloring techniques
  • Experience in typical R&D Stage gate process approach
  • Expected to possess a thorough knowledge of research principles and techniques, with specialization in one or more field
  • Must be detail and accuracy oriented with good work management skills/supervisory skills
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task in fast-paced team environment
  • Must have computer skills/experience with Lotus Notes, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Must have strong oral and written communication and presentation skills


Interested in joining the Dur-A-Flex team? Please send resume and cover letter to HR@Dur-A-Flex.com. Please put the position you're applying for in the subject line of the e-mail.

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