Animal Care


Animal Care Facility Seeks State-of-the-Art Materials for Renovation

After three-years of flooring research, COO finds Dur-A-Flex floor to be the perfect choice!

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Floor System Speeds Construction with Style

The floor needed to be slip resistant and decorative and able to tolerate the conditions seen in surgical rooms, indoor/outdoor kennels and waiting areas.

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These Floors are Puppy Approved!

Animal Rescue Organization looks for flooring solution that is simple to clean and offers a uniform appearance; finds solution with Dur-A-Flex's Hybri-Flex MC.

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Auto Dealerships


Hybri-Flex® System Contributes to LEED® Certification

Utilizing products that qualified for LEED® credits was a key component to this project.

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West Coast Customs Needs a Custom Floor

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Hybri-Flex® Flooring System Helps Ryder Keep on Trucking Safely

Nation’s largest truck company upgrades floors in 24/7 service area without revenue loss!

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Carter Chevrolet Floors It!

The new facility was designed to showcase a sleek look that would start with the exterior of the building and extend throughout the facility, including the floors in the workhorse area of the dealership - the service bays!

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New Floor Puts Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

Remodeling projects are proving to be a good investment in the automotive industry. Dealerships are beginning to modernize showrooms and service areas in an effort to be more consumer-oriented.

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Flooring Moves Dur-A-Flex to the Head of the Class!

“I felt confident that, with their reputation both skill-wise and their flooring systems, the University was in good hands,” says FAU’s Paulo Brida, Facilities Planning

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School Floors

Taking the Seamless Avenue!

Avenues The World School of New York, NY needed floors that would entice potential students to further their education with them while looking great and providing an anti-slip surface.

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Redesign at Illinois Institute of Technology

Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Gard SL system was chosen for its durability, stain resistance and ability to install quickly to minimize downtime.

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Dur-A-Flex’s Flooring Is A Slam-Dunk for This School

It was decided that a Dur-A-Flex floor system would be cost-effective and provide the desired decorative look while meeting the school’s budget.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing


No Beef With This Floor Project

Turning the existing industrial building into one suitable for meat processing posed a challenge, specifically when it came to the flooring.

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Toast to the Floors at this Distillery!

Walking into the 5,000 square foot processing area of the facility you are greeted by rows of tanks and sophisticated equipment designed to distill some of your soon-to-be-favorite whiskeys. The owners knew this area, in particular, would need the right floor system to stand up to the abuse that comes with the distilling process - most importantly a floor with great chemical resistance.

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Flooring Has Microbrewery Owners saying, “Cheers!”

“The concrete alone could not withstand the rigors of beer making and needed some form of protection,” says owner Omar Robinson.

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The main ingredient for this recipe? Seamless Flooring.

To ensure their new floors would serve as a hygienic surface that would withstand the various ingredients, they turned to seamless flooring as the solution.

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Hungry for Change on Food Facility Floor

The trowel down system that they installed on this project (Poly-Crete HF) is “Cadillac of urethane cement floors.” Not only does it offer moisture tolerance and thermal shock tolerance, meaning “you can go from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures and you won’t get cracking or anything like that,” he said. But it’s also “just a very functional, very durable floor.”

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Food Service


Restaurateur Says “No” to Grout!

“Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to cleaning it. It’s so easy spraying it down and it all goes right down the drain!”

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New York Banquet Facility Shines with Mica-Flex Flooring

"Now, when customers come through our doors, the first thing that literally every single person says is ‘I love the floors!’ - John Jacobi, J's White Elephant

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Sports Grill Shoots, Scores with a Dur-A-Flex Floor

This restaurant turned to Dur-A-Flex for a one-of-a-kind decorative floor that could stand up to the traffic of a busy establishment.

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Government & Municipalities


Fire Department Improves Safety from the Floor Up

“Since the 2005 install, the station still looks like new with no peeling or wear and remains a place of ownership pride,” says Paul Burton, Fire Chief.

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Cruise Terminal Flooring

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Restoration

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2017 Firehouse Station Design Award Winning Project

With a budget to stick to, tough decisions needed to be made of what was essential for the new facility. One non-negotiable item? An epoxy floor system.

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Bethel Volunteer Fire Department

Wear Resistant Flooring in Apparatus Bays

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Children’s Hospital finds Flooring Solution!

They are committed to delivering excellence in the service they provide to their patients, starting with their care and extending down to their facility’s floors.

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Flooring Adds Shine to Parkland’s New Campus

Although this large area had more than 300 stains marring it, it was apparent that Dur-A-Flex was the solution to turn Parkland’s CUP into a showpiece.

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Rooftop Trauma Center Installation Ensures Safety

The hospital needed a durable system that could be installed quickly and still allow them to conduct their every day emergency landings.

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Hospitality & Entertainment

Lights, Camera, Action!

TV News Studio Updates Their 80's Look

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What goes down in Vegas, stays down in Vegas!

To battle the elements and restore the beauty of the well-renowned retreat, Dur-A-Flex’s Hybri-Flex® MQ Floor system was chosen.

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Quick Cure Flooring Solution for Seattle's Space Needle

As one of the busiest tourist attractions in the country, The Space Needle needed to upgrade their floors but couldn't afford to shut their doors.

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Major Renovation Rejuvenates New York City Bowtie Cinema.

Bow Tie Cinemas turned to Dur-A-Flex to create a decorative and inviting entrance to their facility all while keeping the facility open to patrons throughout construction.

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Life Sciences

Seamless Floors were the Prescription: No Refills Needed

Not only did the facility need to adhere to the highest quality standards for their own products, but the facility would also need to represent the company as a reputable and reliable contract manufacturer to other companies. With a 100,000 square foot facility in design, it was imperative that the correct floors be chosen to serve as the ”foundation” of this world-class facility.

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Dur-A-Flex Floor Eliminates Moisture Concerns for Manufactuer

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Dur-A-Flex HQ Refreshes Shipping & Receiving Department Flooring

Here at Dur-A-Flex Headquarters in East Hartford, CT we refreshed the nearly 12,000 sq. ft. floor in our Shipping Department.

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Stadiums & Arenas

Times Union Center

Times Union Center reduces slip and falls with a Dur-A-Flex Floor!

The concrete floors in the concourse area of the Times Union Center were old and tired looking and the repeated waxing that had been done over the years was causing slip/fall issues.

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Flooring is a Home Run!

The floor’s design was to depict the stitching of a baseball, creating a focal point with a purpose - to subtly direct customers throughout the store and maximize merchandise exposure.

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