Quick-Cure Floors are the Remedy for this Busy Hospital!

From the start, it was clear that the Architect tasked with designing a new look for Medstar Washington Hospital Center had no interest in making it look like every other hospital. The Level 1 of the hospital was getting a new look – from the walls all the way down to the floors and every detail was considered to make the new look a memorable one. For the floors, the Architect designed a unique pattern that incorporated a rectangular pattern down the middle of each corridor with a border that met the walls – integrating three colors respectively. Aside from the custom pattern, the Architect wanted the three colors (made up of vinyl chips) to be custom blends created just for this project. To narrow down the look the Architect worked closely with Dur-A-Flex’s in-house Design Center to create many variations of the color scheme he was interested in until he narrowed it down to the 3 finalists that would ultimately be part of the corridor floors.

With design considerations complete, Dur-A-Flex connected Medstar with one of its trained installers in the area. While it was originally planned that the Level 1 of the hospital would shut down for 7 days of  continuous renovations – the bustling floor comprised of everything from a radiology patient care center to waiting rooms, as well as a food court, simply couldn't be out of commission for that long. One of the primary concerns of the hospital was to keep the ground floor operational during weekday business hours to best serve their patients.

To accommodate the hospital’s needs the project timeline was reorganized into six sections each commencing on Saturdays at 5 AM. The installation crew had from Saturday morning to 5 am on Monday morning to complete the base through grout coat of each floor section – no easy task. To meet the time crunch, a quickly installed floor system was needed. The solution was Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera HC system. Accelera HC (Hybrid-Chip) offers a cementitious urethane basecoat (Poly-Crete) that offers high moisture tolerance from the slab. A vinyl chip is broadcast into the Poly-Crete and hours later, the crew was able to come back, sand and then apply another broadcast of chip and finally the Accelera grout coat. Accelera fast-track floor systems were designed specifically with healthcare environments in mind. Accelera allows facilities to remain operational during installation because it cures quickly and has no noticeable odor during install (unlike any other quick-cure resinous floor options).

Typically, adding multiple colors and design patterns to an otherwise seamless floor can add complexity to the install process. The installer tackled this issue of complexity head-on by assigning the same crew members to the same tasks throughout the entirety of the install. Allowing the crew members to focus on a particular aspect of the project allowed them to hone their craft even more and become experts on the task at hand which is evident in the crisp lines shown in the patterns of the floor. The crew members read 1/4" scale drawings to determine the size and scale of each accent area. Each area was precisely laid out with chalk lines & then taped to protect the neighboring color. While the floors were installed over the weekends - the accent patterns of borders and designs were installed during weekday night shifts - allowing for the hospital to have full use of their corridors during the day.

The project was expertly completed on schedule – with the installers delivering on their promise of providing both the Architect and Medstar an eye-catching floor that will provide a high-performance surface for this busy hospital. Next up? The next floor on Level 2!

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