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8 Steps to a Seamless Floor

January 4, 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned flooring installer, just getting into the business or looking into having a seamless floor installed in your facility there are a few key steps that should be followed to ensure proper installation and an optimal finished product that will stand the test of time.

  1. Choose the right system. Seamless flooring comes in many different options, each with their own unique properties. Some have high chemical and abrasion resistance, while others are formulated to withstand wide temperature swings. There are even solutions designed for application in high humidity or on a substrate that has a high salt content. Before starting any flooring project, check with your Dur-A-Flex Sales Manager for which solution would work best for your situation.
  2. Become a trained installer. Dur-A-Flex floors for industrial and commercial use are much more complex than the out of the box solutions you can buy off the shelf. Become a trained installer by taking our Applicator Training Program (ATP). Being a trained installer will give you the skill set necessary to know the flooring system will be done right and hold up to the daily use as intended.
  3. Prep properly. Proper preparation of the substrate is essential in any flooring installation. If a substrate isn’t properly prepped, the floor won’t bond adequately and could peel, crack, or chip. You can view the surface preparation guidelines here.
  4. Use the right sized crew for your square footage. The size of your area will determine the number of team members necessary for an optimal install of your new seamless flooring. At minimum two installers and a mixer are generally necessary. Larger spaces will require a larger crew to ensure the product is installed during the cure window.
  5. Follow the application instructions. Each flooring system has its own application instructions that should be followed to achieve the same consistent results each and every install. It’s important to review the application instructions beforehand, even if you’ve installed a seamless floor before because each system has slight variations in how it should be applied.
  6. Use the right tools. Different systems have different tools necessary to achieve the optimal application. They could differ from the mixing blade used to mix the system to the squeegees and rollers used to apply it. Dur-A-Flex offers handy tool lists to print and have ready for the installation crew.
  7. Allow each step to properly cure. Everyone wants to install a floor in as short a timeframe as possible; however, waiting for each layer to properly cure before moving on to the next will ensure a proper bond to form and lead to a seamless floor that will stand the test of time.
  8. Enjoy! Once you’ve completed all the steps listed in the application instructions for your chosen system and the floor is cured it’s ready to turn the job back to the end user to enjoy.

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