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Announcing the 2021 Color Blend of the Year: Imperial Plum

January 12, 2021

Imperial Plum is an exclusive Dur-A-Flex color blend combining neutral hues with just the right pop of purple. The color purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red ─ both calming and stimulating to our minds and bodies. Purple is associated with royalty, peace, creativity, passion and magic! It also represents healing, inspiration and beauty ─ making it the perfect color to incorporate into décor for 2021.

Creating the Dur-A-Flex Color Blend of the Year

In 2021, Dur-A-Flex Inc. will celebrate 55 years in business. Known for our innovation in bringing new resinous flooring products to market, our creatives realized that we were missing an opportunity to weigh in on design options.

“We have been designing blends for almost 55 years, we wanted to share our color expertise coupled with our deep understanding of market verticals to bring an impactful option to our customers,” said Dur-A- Flex President & COO Peter Ferris.

The Dur-A-Flex design team researched published color trends for 2021 and considered color palettes fitting for healthcare and educational environments. One phrase that seems to best describe the design trends for 2021 is, “warm comforting hues and bright pops of color.” Armed with this knowledge, the creatives set to work in Dur-A-Flex’s state-of-the-art design center to create a new special blend and Imperial Plum quickly became the standout option. 

The 2021 Color Blend can be created using both macro and micro color chips, however it should be noted that we used the macro chips exclusively when designing the winning blend.

The Imperial Way

The use of color in a space goes beyond aesthetics. Designers incorporate color to set a tone, a feeling, a mood. Whether it is the main color or a highlight color, it should be carefully considered to create the appropriate atmosphere for its intended space.

Swap out the pop of color to fit any décor.

The Imperial Plum signature blend was designed to be versatile and work with any décor. The base colors chosen for the blend are harmonious with the color palettes trending for 2021 and will look fantastic in various markets. If purple is not fitting for your space, Dur-A-Flex can use the Imperial base and change the highlight color. Imperial Plum can easily become Imperial Burgundy, Imperial Yellow, or Imperial Teal ─ virtually any color can be accommodated.

Here is to healing, inspiration, and magic in 2021!

We are looking forward to seeing this winning color blend installed in various facilities. Let us know if you would like a sample sent your way. Don’t forget, you can also design your own signature blends and order samples on this website.

Author: Jes Grant
Jes Grant is the content development manager for Dur-A-Flex. She has over 15 years of experience creating content for various technical industries, and has been featured in several publications for her writing and design work

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