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Announcing the 2022 Color Blend of the Year: Farmington

January 18, 2022

Farmington is a harmonious shimmery mix of gray, black, white and wheat, with splashes of cool blue. The varying shades of light blue are reminiscent of the sky and water which have a peaceful and calming effect. Blue is also associated with health, healing, trustworthiness, and reliability making this a fitting blend to bring us through 2022! 

Farmington is one of Dur-A-Flex’s newest designer blends. The use of variegated chips and dual tones in gray and blue gives this blend a natural stone or granite look. Although it was chosen with healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities in mind, Farmington’s soft base colors are harmonious with the color palettes trending for 2022 and will look fantastic in various markets.

The stone look of Farmington lends to a stylish modern-industrial feel and would work great in many applications. The list of applications could be endless, but places that easily come to mind include:

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Patient Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Hallways
  • Lounges

The namesake for this blend is a quaint but bustling town in western Connecticut, known for its people, history, and industry. The town of Farmington is an excellent representation and reminder of the way life should be.

Farmington is home to several large corporations, including aerospace, food manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical and research sciences. It is also home to many smaller businesses, boutiques, restaurants and museums. Farmington is known for its excellent education system which consistently ranks among the best in the USA. Its schools include public, private, a world-renowned college preparatory school, UCONN’s medical and dental schools and a community college named after the Tunxis tribe. 

For those who want peace and relaxation after a busy day, they can take a stroll through the Farmington Historic District or participate in other outdoor activities like fishing or tubing on the Farmington River, golfing, taking in the beautiful views while hiking along the Metacomet Ridge or walking / riding on one of the towns many trails.

Here’s to peace, calm and health in 2022!

We are looking forward to seeing this winning color blend installed in various facilities. Let us know if you would like a sample sent your way. Don’t forget, you can also design your own signature blends and order samples on our website.

In closing, 2020 and 2021 were turbulent years, but as we look to history (which Farmington is rich in), we know that humans have persevered through many disparaging circumstances — and we will do it again. Stay calm, stay healthy, and trust that we can make this a successful year.

Author: Jes Grant
Jes Grant is the content development manager for Dur-A-Flex. She has over 15 years of experience creating content for various technical industries, and has been featured in several publications for her writing and design work

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