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Getting to Know Accelera RXC

May 19, 2022

Accelera® RXC is the latest addition to Dur-A-Flex’s flooring line: Accelera. Similar to our other fast-track flooring systems, Accelera RXC is a faster curing formulation, with reduced installation steps providing facilities with a timely return to service. 

The main differentiator between Accelera RXC and other Dur-A-Flex seamless systems is the use of our revolutionary Accelera® RX self-leveling body coat. Accelera RX is a soft and flexible layer which provides ergonomic and sound dampening benefits.

Getting to Know Accelera RX

Let’s take a deeper look at this flooring system, its benefits, and how they translate to their applications.

What is Accelera RXC?

Accelera® RXC is a seamless, ultra-high solids, single-broadcast decorative chip flooring system. The system has unique ergonomic features, sound dampening, and reduced application steps resulting in quick installation times. Combining flexibility, UV stability, and excellent chemical resistance, it’s the ideal choice for high-foot traffic environments where reduced fatigue and noise reduction are paramount.

Getting to Know Accelera RXC

System Build:

  • Topcoat: (optional) Second coat of Clear Accelera EXT for a smoother finish
  • Grout Coat / Topcoat: Clear Accelera EXT
  • Chip Broadcast: Broadcast of Macro, Micro, or Designer Decorative Vinyl Chip Blends
  • Body Coat: Accelera RX Self-Level
  • Primer: Dur-A-Glaze #4
  • Prepared Substrate: Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 3-4

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic
  • Sound Dampening
  • Hygienic
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • UV Resistant

Why Did Dur-A-Flex Create Accelera RXC?

Dur-A-Flex recognized a need, particularly in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, to have a seamless flooring system that could address comfort, style, and durability.

Architects and facility managers had shared that their main challenge for healthcare and laboratory projects was delivering a floor that the staff wants to walk on — one that’s comfortable but also durable. An architect in charge of design for a local hospital, candidly commented, “Floors that are comfortable don’t last, floors that last aren’t comfortable.”

This comment resonated with us, and we set out to address:  

  • Growing needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Bigger focus on premier care and comforting atmospheres
  • Less institutional design

While formulating the ergonomic RX chemistry, Dur-A-Flex also worked directly with designers and color specialists to create new blends for these floors. The goal was to create fresh and unique designs that could contribute to the overall comforting atmospheres sought in healthcare environments.

What Constitutes An Ergonomic Floor?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines ergonomics as “the science of fitting the job to the worker. Designing work stations and tools to reduce work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can help workers stay healthy and companies to reduce or eliminate the high costs associated with MSDs.”

Getting to Know Ergonomic Flooring

An ergonomic floor is one that is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Flooring that is softer underfoot provides additional comfort and can effectively lessen muscle fatigue. This in turn can increase productivity and reduce the number and severity of work-related MSDs.

Benefits of an Ergonomic floor:

  • Additional comfort
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increases productivity
  • Can reduce work related musculoskeletal disorders

Is There Value in a Sound Dampening Floor?

A paper published by The Center for Health Design, surmised that, “Sounds impacts patients and staff in many different ways. Unwanted sound or noise is a major problem in hospitals the world over. High noise levels negatively impact patient and staff health and well-being and may slow the process of healing among patients.” Their findings supported using environmental strategies to reduce noise in hospitals.

The floor plays an important part in the overall environmental strategies to reduce sound. Accelera RX, the elastomeric component of Accelera RXC, reduces percussive sounds. Percussive sounds are defined as 1: of or relating to percussion especially: operative or operated by striking. 2: having powerful impact. In the case of sound dampening flooring, the sounds that are mitigated can be as loud as heels of a shoe hitting the floor, or as low as the rumble of a supersonic cleaning device. Sound dampening flooring contributes to a quieter environment with less distractions.

Benefits of a Sound Dampening Floor:

  • Reduces percussive sound
  • Creates an environment with less distractions
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes the process of healing

Although these benefits were primarily addressed with healthcare settings in mind, reducing sounds, distractions, and stress is something that any work or school environment could find significantly valuable. 

How Hygienic is Accelera RXC?

Unlike other ergonomic flooring solutions, Accelera RXC doesn’t have seams or welds and can be tied into a decorative and integral cove base. This is a game changer for designers, architects, and facility managers.  

Seamless surfaces are easier to clean and maintain and are preferred in any environment where sterilization is key. Seamless floors eliminate crevices and absorptive surfaces that can harbor pathogens, harmful germs, and debris to create an exceptionally hygienic surface.

  • Seamless transition to decorative cove
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Chemical resistance to alkaline cleaners
  • Stands up to rigorous sterilizing protocols

Accelera RXC was specifically formulated to stand up to rigorous sterilizing protocols. The system is finished with an Accelera EXT topcoat which provides excellent UV and chemical resistance. Accelera EXT has been extensively tested and proven to resist the many acids, bases, and solvents typically found in sterile environments such as hospitals and laboratories.

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How Durable is Accelera RXC?

Accelera RXC is an extremely durable flooring system. In addition to being UV and chemical resistant, we physically tested this system for strength. These results substantiate that this system will offer premier performance in its intended applications.

  • Impact Resistance: (ASTM D2794) >160 in-lb
  • Tensile Strength: (ASTM D638) 1,185 psi
  • Abrasion Resistance: (ASTM D4060) 25 mg loss
  • Rolling Load: (ASTM F2753) No Deformation @ 100 lbs
  • Static Load Limit: (ASTM F970) 0.007 in @ 800 lbs
  • Residual Indentation: (ASTM F1914) <1% @ 210 lbs


Admittedly, Accelera RXC was designed with healthcare and pharmaceutical environments in mind, but its applications are immeasurable — “it’s the ideal choice for high-foot traffic environments where reduced fatigue and noise reduction are paramount.”

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lobbies
  • Surgical Suites
  • Showrooms
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restrooms
  • Cleanrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Laboratories

Designer Options

Dur-A-Flex worked with designers to create two new series of chip blend options: Claystone Designer Blends and RX Designer Blends. Both are available with any of our decorative chip systems, but were inspired by the need for more decorative options in the healthcare arena, among other industries.  

Getting to Know Accelera RXC Designer Blends
  • Standard and Custom Chip Blends
  • New RX Designer Blends
  • New Claystone Designer Blends

Commitment to Transparency

Dur-A-Flex recognizes the need to be at the forefront in developing products that contribute to sustainability. Accelera RXC is no exception, in fact, it is was one the best and most applicable systems to install in projects that require “green builds.”

  • Low VOCs
  • CA 01350 compliant
  • Eligible for LEED® credits
  • Included in mindful Materials database


An ergonomic and completely seamless flooring system is now a reality. The all new Accelera RXC flooring system is durable, hygienic, and soft underfoot. It is the perfect solution for a floor that is comfortable and lasts.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with your local territory sales manager to discuss your project, request a complimentary site visit, or to be put in contact with our network of elite installers.

Author: Jes Grant
Jes Grant is the content development manager for Dur-A-Flex. She has over 15 years of experience creating content for various technical industries, and has been featured in several publications for her writing and design work

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