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How to Determine the Right Resinous Floor for You

January 22, 2019

Whether you need a decorative floor that will hold up to high foot traffic, sanitary floors in line with compliance requirements, a durable floor for your manufacturing facility, or a statement showpiece in your storefront or lobby, there is a seamless resinous flooring system to meet your needs.

Choosing the right floor system to meet both aesthetic and functional needs requires introspection into what the condition and make-up of the substrate the floor will be applied on top of, as well as a thorough knowledge of how the floor with be used on a daily basis.


Perhaps the most well-known system in the resinous flooring world, epoxy systems offer exceptional durability, great looks, and an outstanding value. If the budget is a top concern, epoxy floor systems will offer you the most protection for your investment, providing excellent resistance to chemical spills, heavy equipment, and continuous traffic. Aesthetically, the options are almost limitless, with choices ranging from solid color, colored quartz aggregate, decorative chip, even metallics.

Multi-Colored Epoxy Floor in a school hallway

Applications best served by Epoxy: Exam Rooms, Loading Docks, Electrical/Mechanical Rooms, Classrooms, Retail, Lobbies, Dining Areas/Cafeterias


Methyl Methacrylate resinous flooring systems provide many of the same high-performance features as epoxy flooring solutions, with a fraction of the install time. The fast turn-around makes them great for industries that can’t afford to shut down for the amount of time needed for a traditional epoxy installation. Another benefit of MMA systems is they can be installed over a wide range of temperatures, even at freezing level, and still cure, this makes them well suited for outdoor areas. Many of the same decorative chip and quartz options are also available in MMA, the downside? MMA is known for having a strong odor that although harmless, can be bothersome. Due to this, its best reserved for applications with lots of ventilation or outside of a dense city area.

MMA Helicopter Pad
MMA Helipad at a hospital

Industries and applications best served by MMA: Amusement Parks, Pool Decks, Cafeterias, Electrical Assembly


Cementitious Urethanes contain an aggregate that is mixed into the resin and hardener. Originally developed for food processing, they are uniquely suited to withstand harsh environments where there is frequent bacteria exposure, wet processing, chemical contamination, and high-temperature cleaning. These systems are extremely durable, chemical resistant and stand up to thermal cycling. Urethane-based floor systems have superior adhesion to concrete, even in areas with higher levels of moisture and salt content. Generally offered in solid color industrial finishes with slip-resistant surfaces for the most heavy-duty industrial applications.

Urethane Floor in Commercial Kitchen

Industries and applications best served by Urethane: Food Processing, Restaurant Kitchens, Mechanical Rooms, Manufacturing Service Areas, Loading Docks, Maintenance Areas, Freezers


Hybrid systems were created to help solve the problems of flooring failure due to moisture mitigation, while still offering cost effective and decorative options. Starting with a unique basecoat that tolerates elevated moisture levels, combined with application-specific topcoats, they provide the highest performance resinous floor systems on the market today. The benefits of a cementitious base coat with the visual interest of quartz and chip blends, hybrid systems are both durable and attractive.

Hybrid flooring system in dog kennel
Hybrid flooring system in dog kennel

Industries and applications best served by Hybrid: Amusement Parks, Pool Decks, Restrooms, Kennels, Automotive Service Areas, Manufacturing, Cafeterias, Locker Rooms, Freezers, Operating Rooms

Quick Cure:

When return to service is of the utmost importance, quick cure formulations can be completed 2-4 days faster than traditional epoxy installations. These fast curing properties require training to accurately plan a project as well as a highly skilled crew to carry out the installation. However, when done properly they offer impact and chemical resistance in solid, quartz and decorative chip options with a return to use in as little as 48 hours.

quick cure healthcare
Quick Cure flooring used in this medical exam room

Industries and applications best served by Quick Cure: Kennels, Operating Rooms, Restrooms, Hallways, Classrooms, Locker Rooms, Laboratories

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