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How to Determine Which Resinous Floor is Right for You

January 23, 2020

There are so many options and considerations when it comes to resinous flooring systems.  Do you need a cove? Will a moisture vapor barrier need to be installed? Will the top coat need chemical resistance, what about slip resistance? Is thermal shock a consideration? What will work better, epoxy or cementitious urethane, or maybe MMA? Does the room need water proofing? What is a broadcast coat and how many are needed? How long will it take to install?

Phew — the list could seemingly go on forever, as each room or building can face its own unique circumstances and requirements. Some of these decisions are predetermined for you by regulations, building codes, aesthetics, and cleaning protocols. Knowledge, experience, and asking the right questions will help determine the rest.

So how do you decide as the end user or architect, or even the person installing the floor, what the best floor for a facility is?

There are several ways:

  1. Do your own research. There is a wealth of knowledge readily available on the internet on seamless and resinous floors. Read up on the systems and put together a system that you think will work. Best case scenario you get it right, worst case scenario, you have to grind it out and put in another resinous flooring system. (Not advisable.)
  2. Choose a system that has worked for you in similar environments. Provided the environments are comparable and have little to no variances from each other, this should work just fine. Again best case scenario you get it right, worst case scenario, you have to grind it out and put in another resinous flooring system. (Not advisable.)
  3. Discuss the project with your local Dur-A-Flex sales representative and/or technical services team. They not only understand the complex needs of various environments, they also have a thorough understanding of all things resinous floors, and a network of the most experienced installers. In the off chance that a resinous flooring system is not going to be the best fit, they will let you know that, too. Best case scenario, you choose the right floor, worst case scenario, you choose the right floor. (Highly advisable.)


Dur-A-Flex assists architects by taking the guess work (and stress) out of specification writing for resinous flooring systems. We draw on our vast experience and knowledge to ensure you are specifying the right floor for your facility, budget and timeline. By discussing specific projects with Dur-A-Flex before writing the specifications for bids, you will create a clear specification and reduce the amount of time spent responding to RFIs or receiving bids with varying flooring systems and pricing.

Dur-A-Flex works with Architects to:

  • Review construction documents
  • Assist in incorporating the correct CAD details for drains, transitions, concrete pads, etc.
  • Advise on resinous flooring system requirements
  • Assist in writing 3-Part Guide Specs

End Users:

As a facility owner, facility maintenance manager, operations manager etc., you know better than anyone the complex needs of the various types of rooms in your care. A bathroom floor and a mechanical room floor have different needs, just like an operating room and a classroom floor have different needs. Sure, they all need durable floors, but when it comes to the exact needs, they vary considerably.

Dur-A-Flex works with End Users to:

  • Determine the flooring needs of your facility based on room and use
  • Select various systems that will work for you based on your budget and timeline
  • Recommend the most experienced resinous floor installers in your area
  • Provide technical support during the entire process including after installation
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Flooring Contractors:

Do flooring contractors need to discuss projects with Dur-A-Flex? No, no you probably don’t. We understand that most of our trained network of flooring contractors have been working with our products for so long, that they know exactly what to look for and what to recommend for every flooring scenario. That said, when you have extra assistance and knowledge readily available, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Dur-A-Flex works with Flooring Contractors to:

  • Perform Site Surveys to evaluate the condition of the base substrate
  • Provide core testing to test for ionic compounds in the concrete
  • Assist in determining approved systems for different budgets and timelines
  • Provide technical support during the entire process including after installation

If you are not an approved Dur-A-Flex flooring contractor, and would like to become one, you can learn more by talking to your local sales rep about attending an Applicator Training Program. They are hosted several times a year at our four facilities nationwide.

To recap, there are several resinous flooring solutions available for almost every environment. It would be almost impossible for an architect or building owner to know them all — and there is no need to. Dur-A-Flex is happy to assist you in choosing the right floor for your needs. And remember, with such a comprehensive list of products and flooring systems available, there is no need for flooring contractors to go it alone either! Dur-A-Flex sales representatives and technical service team are there for you 100%.

Author: Jes Grant
Jes Grant is the content development manager for Dur-A-Flex. She has over 15 years of experience creating content for various technical industries, and has been featured in several publications for her writing and design work

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