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Unique Custom Flooring Options

February 8, 2019

When designing a new space be it a storefront with troves of customers coming and going, a manufacturing floor with heavy machinery moving about, or an animal care facility that sees more paws than feet, the floor is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. Choosing a flooring system that meets the functional needs of your space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Browse through the gallery below for some ideas on how to integrate the floor into your overall design.

Metallic ReFLEXions epoxy flooring

The flooring in this restaurant used metallic epoxy to contribute to its edgy modern decor.

Shop Floor epoxy flooring in fire station

Color-coding the vehicle bays in this fire station provides easy to identify zones for vehicles and crew.

Hospital OR flooring

Likewise, color-coded Operating Rooms create zones for personnel to stand ready to assist, surgeons within the inner circle and nurses around the peripheral.

custom baseball seamless floor

For a memorabilia shop specializing in baseball, what better to display on your floor than the iconic stitching of the ball itself.

custom warehouse floors

Color-coded aisle ways keep manufacturing floor and forklift traffic moving smoothly without incident.

custom patterned seamless floor

The circular motif in this Elementary School shows they didn’t sacrifice fun when choosing functional seamless classroom floors.

custom color indoor basketball court

A basketball court in the team’s custom colors adds pep and team spirit.

custom designed floor

Playful puppies adorn the floor of this space where kids and dogs play.

Custom color match floors

A custom color match has this floor blending seamlessly with the walls and ceiling

If you have a custom look and feel in mind for your space, talk to a Territory Sales Manager to discuss your customization options and determine the right flooring system for your space. The floor is the most used and abused area of any room, it’s worth taking the extra step to both to choose the right floor, and integrate it into your overall design.

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