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Arranta Bio

Facility: Arranta Bio

Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Dur-A-Flex Contractor: Black Bear Coatings & Concrete

Scope of Work: Remodel an existing building and retrofit for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Install 41,000 square feet of resinous flooring in various areas including cleanrooms, gowning areas, restrooms, corridors, and a mechanical room.

Duration: 5 phases over 5 months

Substrate: Existing Concrete in various conditions, all concrete was showing signs of wear and tear; New Concrete freshly placed

Dur‑A‑Flex Systems: Hybri‑Flex® AQ, Poly‑Crete® SLB & Dur‑A‑Gard® MR

Safety Considerations: Additional safety protocols were in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the typical PPE such as hard hats, masks, and eyewear. This included some teams wearing gloves and face mask coverings during our work.

Background:  Arranta Bio is a contract development and manufacturing company and strategic partner providing LBP therapies development and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies.

Challenge: An accelerated schedule amidst the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic was a major operational challenge. Additionally, Arranta Bio had purchased an existing building for their new location in Watertown, MA which added a layer of complexity blending new and old. The building needed to be retrofitted to accommodate drug manufacturing. This type of facility is regulated by both state and federal guidelines and in order to be compliant, requires flooring that is specifically tailored for the individual spaces.

Solution: Although another manufacturer for resinous floors had been specified, Black Bear worked with the design team to switch to Dur-A-Flex products. Dur-A-Flex seamless flooring systems are the preferred solutions to fit the needs of a pharmaceutical facility. 

Transformation: Black Bear Coatings & Concrete were contracted to install resinous flooring at the “new” headquarters for Arranta Bio. Hybri-Flex AQ which is a decorative quartz flooring system was selected for the majority of the laboratory and clinical areas. Hybri-Flex AQ has a cementitious urethane base giving it a tenacious bond with the concrete, and an Accelera topcoat for excellent chemical resistance — especially sanitizing chemicals such as Vesphene® III, Spor-Klenz® and LpH®III, among others. For the mechanical rooms, Dur-A-Gard MR was chosen for the equipment pads and Poly-Crete SLB with a pigmented Accelera topcoat was selected for the warehouse & staging areas.

The installation was done in phases over the course of five months. Since the building wasn’t climate controlled, additional consideration for installing during various climates had to be taken into account. The timeline for installations was sometimes modified to insure proper curing of the flooring system. Black Bear team’s flexibility and adaptability allowed them to work collaboratively throughout on site challenges, logistical moves, and scheduled coordination with other trades. Black Bear’s expertise in these matters resulted in a smooth installation.

This job was completed during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and required extra safety precautions to be taken. To ensure the safety of team members, Black Bear conducted COVID testing twice a week for all employees. These efforts mitigated the risk of infection and limited exposure for all parties. 

The facility owners are very pleased with the installation and outcome of the floors. Their new facility is equipped with flooring that is durable, easy to maintain, and extremely hygienic — the perfect floors for a drug manufacturing facility.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Wear / Chemical Resistant – High quality system for superior wear and chemical resistance
  • Slip Resistant – Textured finishes aid in a safer floor, even when wet
  • Decorative – Multiple blends of pigmented quartz aggregate for a unique look
  • Hygienic – Seamless and easily cleaned / sanitized to reduce bacterial / fungal growth

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