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Carter Chevrolet Floors It!

Carter Chevrolet has been a thriving auto dealership since opening its doors back in 1936. In 2016, the business came under new ownership and the leadership team made plans for a new dealership to be built to house more inventory and offer customers an upgraded buying experience. The new facility was designed to showcase a sleek look that would start with the exterior of the building and extend throughout the facility, including the floors in the workhorse area of the dealership – the service bays!

Aside from offering a clean look, it was important that the floors be non-slip to provide safety to those working on the vehicles, especially in the wash bay areas. Dur-A-Flex’s Poly-Crete SLB floor system with a Shop Floor grout coat and Armor Top topcoat was chosen as the floor system of choice. Poly-Crete SLB is a 3/16″ thick, cementitious urethane floor system featuring a quartz broadcast to provide a slip resistant surface. Cementitious urethane systems offer the greatest durability of floors in the resinous flooring family and paired with an Armor Top topcoat for abrasion and UV resistance this system allows for constant vehicle and equipment traffic without effecting the look or performance of the floor.

With 12,000 square feet to complete, the project was broken down into three phases to work around other trades also working within the building. Each phase was done in a week and the floors were completed on schedule. Carter Chevrolet opened its doors to its new facility in November 2017 with management pleased and customers impressed with the look of the new facility.

Installer: CMK Coatings, Stratford, CT

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