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Distribution Warehouse

Facility: Distribution Warehouse

Industry: e-Commerce

Dur-A-Flex Contractor: Concrete Restoration Inc. (CRI)

Scope of Work: Install a Dur-A-Flex resinous coating system in a 150,000 square foot distribution warehouse located in Seattle.

Duration: 3 weeks; 2 mobilizations

Substrate: Concrete.  (Heavily cracked.)

Dur-A-Flex System:  Poly-Crete SLB 3/16”

Safety Considerations: The floor was installed at an active work site with safety and PPE requirements. The field technicians were required to wear safety gloves, steel-toed boots, hard hats, high-visibility vests, and eye protection at all times. Ventilation was important for the installers and the other trades who were in the building during the coating application. Even though a low odor system was installed, the side bay doors were kept open and exhaust fans were used.

Background:  A structurally sound distribution center is vital to the success of this ecommerce company. The warehouse stores products for associates and robots to fulfill orders: pick, pack and ship. This company is known for its quick and efficient delivery processes and wanted to have durable and safe flooring to help ensure this. 

Challenge: The company knew it needed a strong floor with heavy wear resistance for this new facility. In addition to foot traffic, the floors would be subject to heavy forklift traffic and possible chemical spills. The existing substrate was concrete, but it had heavy cracking, totaling 32,000 linear feet. The company also wanted a flooring system that could address this and prevent future issues.

Solution:  Dur-A-Flex’s Poly-Crete SLB 3/16” system was chosen for its durability and appearance. Before installing the new floor, and as part of the surface preparation to minimize future issues, CRI treated the existing cracks in the floor. Once that phase was completed, they installed Poly-Crete SLB as the self-leveling base coat with a broadcast. Shop Floor was used for the grout coat and Armor Top was applied as the aliphatic topcoat.

Transformation: The distribution center’s new resinous floor system is now safe for both foot and vehicular traffic, durable, easy to maintain, structurally sound, and will protect the facility and its inhabitants for years to come.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Durable
  • High Traffic
  • Non-slip Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Follows ADA, USDA, FDA, CFIA and OSHA Guidelines

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