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Fire Department Improves Safety from the Floor Up

The Hebron Volunteer Fire Department of Hebron, CT is the town’s public safety agency providing emergency fire, rescue and ambulance services to over 10,000 residents. The Department operates three stations – the newest constructed in 2005.

In 2005, plans to renovate the apparatus bay floors in the two existing firehouses and to add a floor in the newest firehouse were underway. Since vehicle decontamination is done indoors, it was critical to have a surface that could stand up to hazardous biological fluids and the sanitizing chemicals that are used afterwards. Frequently wet or slick floors posed slips and falls risks for personnel. Since heavy equipment and hot tires hit firehouse floors regularly, abrasion resistance was also a priority.

Taking this critical list of flooring requirements into account, Dur-A-Flex recommended a seamless flooring system to accommodate all three firehouses. The recommended Shop Floor system– proven in firehouses to handle heavy equipment and continuous traffic – was selected. A chemical-resistant urethane topcoat provides added protection against salts and gives a consistent, bright appearance to complement the bays.

The flooring system was installed throughout. To ease vehicle parking and to facilitate quick departures, blocks of contrasting colors with a safety-yellow border were added. The station’s logo was stenciled in the center of the floor adding a special touch reflecting the department’s pride.

“Since the 2005 install, the station still looks like new with no peeling or wear and remains a place of ownership pride,” says Paul Burton, Fire Chief.

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