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Floor System Speeds Construction with Style

Since 1912, the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society has been serving the Virginia counties of Gloucester and Mathews. With most of its funding coming from fundraising efforts, the Gloucester, Virginia organization constructed a new facility to better serve the area’s needs. An important goal for the new facility was to create an attractive and warm atmosphere to encourage pet adoption and to provide a sense of comfort to those having to surrender a pet. The floors were critical to completing this look.

The Society’s existing floor condition revealed that there were potential moisture issues within the concrete. The common solution for this condition would be to install a moisture mitigation system first, followed by the flooring system. This can add on a considerable amount of time to the install phase. The floor needed to be slip resistant and decorative and able to tolerate the conditions seen in surgical rooms, indoor/outdoor kennels and waiting areas. Ease of cleaning was also an important factor since it would be cleaned daily and sanitized every two days. To meet all of these challenges, Dur-A-Flex’s Hybri-Flex® EC was chosen.

A key feature of the Hybri-Flex system is its ability to tolerate up to 20 lbs. of moisture vapor transmission, nearly four times that of traditional resinous flooring systems. This eliminated the need to install a moisture mitigation system so the floor could be installed faster and keep construction on schedule. The Hybri-Flex EC system provided the impact, wear and stain resistance needed to meet the harsh demands of this facility. An added bonus? The system features multi-colored vinyl chips that give the Society’s durable floor a decorative flair, making it, “Best-In-Show”!

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