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When owners of Modern Maternity, Tamra and Brenda Cornwell, picked the location for their new business they set to work on designing a store that would be inviting to expectant mothers and their families. The existing space had VCT that was aged and worn. Realizing that a floor upgrade would make a major impact on the overall look of the store, the Cornwells set out to find something new and exciting. With a preference for the decorative look of traditional concrete stain, the search was on. However, after many years of being glued to the substrate, the tell-tale VCT pattern was literally embossed onto the concrete. Staining the concrete would add the color and vibrancy the Cornwells desired; but there was no getting rid of the tile patterns. The stain option was immediately ruled out and the search continued.

The Cornwell’s contractor suggested Dur-A-Flex’s latest in designer flooring, ReFLEXions. An epoxy-based system that offers a decorative solution that could easily hide the remnants of the past flooring choice, ReFLEXions was the perfect solution for the Cornwell’s renovation. With 12 standard colors in the ReFLEXions palette, they opted to blend two colors for a customized and unique look that tied the décor of the entire store together.

Once the remaining glue from the VCT was removed and the contractor’s crew patched and primed the concrete to ensure a strong bond for the epoxy, ReFLEXions was installed. Shortly afterward, the Cornwells welcomed their first customers to Modern Maternity. When asked what they think of their new arrival they happily shared, “We love the floor! It looks amazing and turned out better than we expected!”

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