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Flooring Has Microbrewery Owners Saying, “Cheers!”

Prior to 2009, it had been over six decades since the city of Indianapolis was home to a full-scale production brewery. So it was with great gusto, that Indy beer connoisseurs raised their glasses and welcomed Sun King Brewery with a resounding, “Cheers!”

Since then, Sun King has tapped into the growing microbrewery industry, securing a spot as the second largest beer brewer in the state of Indiana. The company’s commitment to handcrafted seasonal and specialty beers has been rewarded with multiple medals at the Indiana Brewers Cup, Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions.

On a daily basis, Sun King welcomes visitors to the facility for tours, growler fills, can and keg purchases of their well renowned house and seasonal beers. Naturally, an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is critical when hosting patrons as well as an easy to clean floor that effortlessly handles a wet environment.

Not long after opening their doors, Sun King’s owners realized a flooring upgrade lay on the horizon. “The concrete alone could not withstand the rigors of beer making and needed some form of protection,” says owner Omar Robinson. Since bare concrete is extremely porous, the daily washdowns and thermal cycling were taking a toll on the Production areas’ surfaces.

Faced with several traditional flooring options, Robinson consulted with his partners and says they went with their gut instinct and decided seamless flooring was the way to go. “We didn’t want a tile floor due to the chipping and cracking if something was dropped or something heavy was placed on it. And we didn’t want to deal with constant repairs or grout,” says Robinson.

Robinson contacted a flooring installer in Indianapolis who chose Dur-A-Flex’s cementitious urethane system. Formulated to withstand impact, this powerhouse system easily handles kegs, forklifts and the ever present ingredients and chemicals that hit the floor daily.

The time element that worried Robinson was driven by the need to reduce any downtime and impact to production. Knowing this, the contractor worked around Sun King Brewery’s schedule simultaneously installing while production surged on. The results were on-time installs that allowed Sun King Brewery to eliminate revenue loss while improving their facility. “They worked around our schedule so our production was not disrupted,” says Robinson. 

As Sun King Brewery continued expanding over the years, so has the need for Dur-A-Flex’s Poly-Crete system. Over 15,000 square feet of Sun King’s Production area has Poly-Crete flooring. “We have non-slip surfaces that are seamless, easy to clean and durable. The cove is especially helpful because there is no crease to collect dirt, grime or contaminants,” concludes Robinson.

An addition to the facility is underway and Dur-A-Flex’s Poly-Crete will be on top of it. Sounds like the makings of a perfect brew!

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