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Hybri-Flex® Flooring System Helps Ryder Keep on Trucking Safely

Ryder Truck is one of the country’s largest truck leasing and rental companies of large box trucks and tractor trailers. To ensure the fleet can maintain maximum operational capacity, service facilities are located around the nation and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This round-the-clock availability makes it difficult to close for major facility maintenance.

The existing floor in Ryder’s Columbia, South Carolina facility was a 10-year-old epoxy system that was showing signs of age with numerous cracks and gouges caused by the frequent dropping of heavy tools and truck parts. The floor also had been installed without any type of slip resistance component, making it hazardous when wet and putting staff at risk for slips and falls. Compounding this was the impact from the various truck fluids including diesel fuel, motor oil, brake fluid, coolant and hydraulic fluid. The challenge was to find a new flooring system that could bond to the existing floor, provide the needed slip and impact resistance and still be easy to clean to keep the facility’s operations running smoothly.

To meet these challenges, a Hybri-Flex® EB system was selected with a commitment to minimize facility downtime and reduce the impact to customer service. The system was installed in two stages – the first half over a weekend and the second half over the following weekend. The Hybri-Flex EB system features a superior bonding and impact resistance base coat supplemented with a quartz broadcast providing slip resistance. A final topcoat of Armor Top® urethane further strengthens the system by providing excellent protection against aggressive solvents, salt, dirt, chemical solutions and abrasions. Installing at a nominal ¼” thickness, this system can handle a demanding environment like this service center.

Hybri-Flex is Dur-A-Flex’s hybrid series of high performance flooring systems. Where most resinous flooring systems consist of epoxy, urethane or MMA resins, Hybri-Flex supersedes these with a combination of two or more resins, harnessing their key attributes, to provide an all inclusive flooring solution. Another significant trait of the Hybri-Flex system is that it can tolerate up to 12 lbs. of moisture vapor pressure, triple that of many traditional flooring options. This often eliminates the need for the time consuming and costly installation of a separate moisture mitigation system. Hybri-Flex systems are also eligible for LEED® credits.

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