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Never Settle in the Quest for the Perfect Floor!

As one of the top bike producers in the industry, Cannondale lives by their mantra to “never settle in our quest to create the perfect ride.” Yet, it seems that mentality extends past their bikes and seeps into everything they do…including their facility. Canndondale’s Headquarters in Wilton, CT hosts roughly 100 employees working diligently on existing business and new prototypes. The office space boasts a coffee bar with a shrub wall, a gym and a lounge (just to name a few of the perks). The modern, minimalist feel of the office is set upon a bare concrete surface and the owners were looking for something more for their main entrance to match the impressive look of the rest of the space.

Samples of Dur-A-Flex’s ReFLEXions Designer Flooring were provided as a flooring option. ReFLEXions is an epoxy floor system that features a unique, marbled-look that varies from floor to floor. The system is poured onto the concrete and the pigmented material flows out naturally, ensuring that every single ReFLEXions floor is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. After viewing several samples the owner chose a Copper ReFLEXions floor with a Coffee accent. The install was scheduled to take 4 days and during this time the main entrance was closed to employees to ensure there wouldn’t be any traffic as the floor was curing and eliminate any contaminants such as dust and dirt. Once the ReFLEXions system was installed, a final Armor Top Satin topcoat was applied. Offered in both Satin and Gloss finishes, Armor Top is a urethane coating that protects the floor from scratches and discoloration from natural light.

The project was completed on schedule in four days and right away Cannondale management knew they had made the right decision in choosing ReFLEXions for their entrance flooring. As employees and visitors alike visit Cannondale, they are impressed with the company from the moment their feet hit the floor and even more so when they slide they foot onto a Canndondale pedal…truly living up to the mantra of “never settling in the quest for the perfect ride”…or floor!

Installer: CMK Coatings, Stratford, CT

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