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Redesign at Illinois Institute of Technology

When it was decided to expand the McCormick-Tribune Campus Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology, designer Rem Koolhaas wanted to create a look and feel of “movement” to produce a positive effect on the students that was conducive to learning. The idea was to keep “The Center” open to movement between the campus and the neighborhood demonstrating flexibility and encouraging creativity from the students and faculty. The Center would be comprised of a faculty dining room, an auditorium / conference center, a campus bookstore and a student recreation hall.

Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Gard SL system was chosen for its durability, stain resistance and ability to install quickly to minimize downtime. The topcoat provided the added bonus of abrasion resistance to the heavy foot traffic and deterioration resistance from ultra-violet rays that would emanate from the fluorescent lighting.

Another important concern through construction was ensuring the project stayed within the “green” building system code. Unlike other flooring options like tile and carpet that leave excess material behind, Dur-A-Flex’s seamless floor systems are mixed and prepared on-site using only the amount of product necessary for the project. This reduction of waste eliminates the need to remove and dispose of excess material into landfills.

To achieve his vision and theme of movement, Koolhaas decided to combine different textures and materials for the floor. A variation of green, red and grey floors created the “feel” of walking through shifting spaces. Although The Center is a one-story building, the illusion of a multi-tiered space was created by pairing the different color floors and accompanying accents on the walls. The floor’s high-gloss surface adds to the inviting learning environment for all who enter!

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