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Theme Park Undergoes Major Flooring Renovation with Little Impact to Visitors

At a popular theme park resort in Florida, vacationers are treated to an all star experience of their choice. If you are a sports fan you can celebrate the active life at their sports resort. The complex puts you right on the field as both participant and spectator in an all-star resort experience. At their music resort, music fans can be a little bit country, a touch jazzy, and a whole lotta rock n’ roll.

There were about 13,000 square feet of hallways, walkways and dining areas over ceramic tile in the Music and Sports resort that was scheduled to be remodeled. The facility had a specific color scheme that the floors needed to be matched. Dur-A-Flex’s in-house Design Center was able to create the exact colors specified!

There are over 6,000 rooms at the resorts and roughly 20,000 people visit the area on a daily basis, so shutting down was not an option. The architects and facility planners were adamant that there could be no disruption to operations and gave a one-month deadline to complete the installation. This meant that the park would not close and there could be no noise, so prep was done at night. 

The condition of the existing tile floor (well adhered) allowed the new floor to be installed right over it. The changeover from tile to a seamless flooring option reduced trip/fall hazards by eliminating transitional thresholds.

The system that would best meet the park’s decor and handle heavy foot traffic was Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Chip™, an epoxy-based flooring option. A UV-resistant, low-VOC topcoat, ArmorTop®, completed the project.

The new floors’ lasting performance has impressed both park management and the maintenance staff. Their satisfaction is evident, as they have chosen to install Dur-A-Flex systems within several other facilities at the park!

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