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Toast to the Floors at This Distillery!

Located in the middle of a field in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky, sits the newly constructed Six Mile Creek Distillery. The facility was built to reflect its surroundings – complete with a rustic barn aesthetic with towering ceilings and large, exposed wooden beams. Yet what lies inside is anything but rustic. Walking into the 5,000 square foot processing area of the facility you are greeted by rows of tanks and sophisticated equipment designed to distill some of your soon-to-be-favorite whiskeys. The owners knew this area, in particular, would need the right floor system to stand up to the abuse that comes with the distilling process – most importantly a floor with great chemical resistance.

The floor system of choice was Dur-A-Flex’s Poly-Crete SLB (self-leveling broadcast) floor system with an Accelera topcoat. Poly-Crete floors are cementitious urethane based systems and their concrete-like properties allow them to tolerate the quick temperature shifts involved with thermal cycling. Handling the temperature swings associated with thermal shock is particularly important in distilleries due to the boiling and cooling process associated with distilling alcohol. The Accelera topcoat was chosen for its excellent chemical resistance properties but other benefits include a quick cure time (2 hours) and a gleaming finish.

The owners chose red as their floor color of choice after reviewing the variety of samples from Dur-A-Flex’s in-house Design Center.  The red floors tied in well with the rustic décor and provided a beautiful, clean look. While the owners wanted a floor that looked great, they were also resolute in their requirements for a floor that offered ease of cleaning to ensure a hygienic environment and a quality product. The seamless nature of the Poly-Crete SLB floor system eliminates any seams or crevices that could harbor moisture or bacteria; leaving only a monolithic surface that was sloped to the trench drains for simple wash-downs.

The floor installation crew was the last trade to be in the building and were able to expertly complete their work on schedule, without any hiccups. The owner of the facility was thrilled with not only the look of the floors but also the expertise of the installers. As the facility continues to grow and expand, they plan to install even more Dur-A-Flex floors. Cheers to that!

Installer: Alph Kaufman/Kaufman Flooring

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