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Xtream Arena

Facility: Xtream Arena

Industry: Stadiums & Arenas

Dur-A-Flex Contractor: Skold Commercial Contracting

Scope of Work: Install 33,480 square feet of resinous flooring in various areas of a new arena, including restrooms, corridors, dining areas, ramps, and stairs.

Duration: 3 weeks; 2 mobilizations

Substrate: New concrete in good condition. MVP Primer was installed to mitigate any moisture and RH concerns.

Dur-A-Flex SystemDur-A-Chip

Background:  Xtream Arena is a new 6,800-capacity venue, with multiple attachments including a recreation center and a retail store. The Arena will be the host for many sporting events including the University of Iowa Women’s Volleyball, professional hockey games, wrestling matches and more. 

Challenge: A custom flooring option that would be aesthetically pleasing, durable and cost-effective.

Solution: The arena required a long-lasting and durable flooring option that would protect both the space and its visitors. The arena’s designers incorporated the University of Iowa’s gold and black throughout the arena and wanted the theme to carry through to the floor. Dur-A-Flex Dur-A-Chip was selected as the resinous flooring option as it fit all of the requirements for the space. The design team was able to work with Skold to create their own custom color blend.

Transformation: The finished project looks modern and the owners loved the way it turned out. The University of Iowa’s colors are stylishly represented and this floor will perform for many years to come.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Durable – Long Lasting Seamless flooring system for years of service with minimal maintenance
  • Wear/Chemical Resistant – High quality urethane topcoat for superior wear and chemical resistance
  • Slip Resistance – Textured finishes aid in a safer floor, even when wet
  • Decorative – Custom vinyl chip blend provides a unique look

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