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Dur-A-Flex Releases New Earthstone Vinyl Chip Blends

November 5, 2015

Dur-A-Flex, Inc. has released a new line of decorative, vinyl chips to be used with their flooring systems. Earthstone blends offer a color palette made up of neutral colored vinyl chips designed to achieve a stone-like appearance. These new color options are being introduced with a focus on the healthcare market to provide architects and facility managers alike with healing options when looking for a durable, seamless floor system for areas such as hospital corridors and patient rooms.

“While seamless floor systems have long been a popular option for healthcare facilities, where durability and sanitation are of the utmost importance, we’ve now taken our offerings a step further,” says David Hughes, Dur-A-Flex’s Vice President of Marketing, R&D, and Procurement. “Our floor systems have always provided healthcare facility managers the peace of mind of knowing that no bacteria or moisture could penetrate their floor. We’re now further extending our design options so that our floors will not only protect the patients, yet also aide in their healing process.”

“Studies have shown that a theme incorporating nature allows patients to feel a connection to the world outside the walls of their hospital room.” says Maura Doyle, Dur-A-Flex’s Design Center Manager. “By incorporating a stone aesthetic with our new Earthstone line we’re merging a nature theme with healing color tones; an ideal combination to create a healing environment.”

Dur-A-Flex’s Earthstone chip blends are available in 9 standard blends that can be installed with any of Dur-A-Flex’s seamless flooring systems. These new colors are available for order immediately, and samples can be ordered here.

Earthstone Color Chart

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