Cryl-A-Stat ESD-401

A methyl-methacrylate-based (MMA) acrylic ESD coating used over standard MMA floor systems offering a quick, one-hour cure for fast installations.  Excellent UV resistance provide consistent color stability.

  • VOC Compliant < 100 g/L
  • CA 01350 compliant
  • UV Resistant
  • 100% Solids
  • Provides a electro-static dissipative (106-109¬†Ohms/Square) surface

Product Information

Product Characteristics

Abrasion Resistance

Offering protection from unsightly scratches

Chemical Resistance

Withstand spills and harsh cleaners

High Traffic

Withstand the constant traffic of a busy facility

Non-Slip Surface

Offering traction and promoting safety


Offering the highest levels of durability

Static Dissipative

Prevent static buildup and discharge