Dur-A-Glaze Grind and Seal

Dur-A-Glaze Grind and Seal is a concrete floor sealing system designed by Dur-A-Flex to enhance and protect prepared concrete substrates, allowing the natural look of sealed concrete to be showcased. Dur-A-Glaze Grind and Seal features a clear epoxy primer, optional clear epoxy body coat, and a wear resistant urethane topcoat.

    • Nominal Thickness: 8-13 mils
    • UV Resistant - Reduced ambering and discoloration
    • Performance Topcoat - Adds chemical resistance, reduces wear and dust
    • Low Odor / Low VOCs - Install in more locations without offensive odors or harmful Volatile Organic Compounds
    • Unique Aesthetic - As a clear coating for concrete, each floor is completely unique and accents the natural concrete underneath

Product Characteristics

Chemical Resistance

Withstand spills and harsh cleaners

High Traffic

Withstand the constant traffic of a busy facility

Low Odor

No offensive smell during installation