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Seamless, durable and simple to maintain—the perfect recipe for food and beverage manufacturing flooring. Our food grade flooring meets USDA and FDA standards with an ultra-durable surface that easily tolerates thermal shock, constant moisture and chemicals from cleaners and ingredients. Resinous flooring is safe, sanitary and slip resistant even— when wet.

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Resinous flooring systems are ideal for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. With so many options, it can be hard to identify which systems will work best for the various areas of your facility. Choosing a thermal shock-resistant and durable floor without cracks or crevices is vital.

Dur-A-Flex’s low-maintenance systems provide superior chemical resistance to potent cleaning compounds and food acids while withstanding an excessive amount of material handling equipment traffic. You can improve your company’s bottom line with fewer maintenance-related costs by installing an easy-to-clean floor that can last for many years.

Our sanitary flooring systems feature non-porous, dense, and hygienic surfaces. Maintenance is easy, as our floors are simple to wash and disinfect. Dur-A-Flex coatings are food safe without any joints to trap dirt and bacteria, making it easier to maintain a sanitary environment.

In addition, Dur-A-Flex flooring excels in extreme temperatures. We design our POLY-CRETE® flooring to resist thermal shock and cycling. It can handle oil from fryers and heat from ovens while withstanding cold conditions in freezers and coolers.


Additional benefits include the following:

  • Seamless: Monolithic integration allows wall-to-wall coverage and sloped drains to prevent standing water. Nonporous surfaces reduce areas for bacteria to hide.
  • Durable: Our floors endure the wear and tear from daily exposure to high foot traffic, potent cleaning compounds, and toxic food acids.
  • Low maintenance: Our floors perform better and last longer over time with minimal care compared to conventional tile or dairy brick options.
  • Thermal shock resistant: Dur-A-Flex floors can withstand cycling between hot and cold temperatures without delaminating, peeling, or cracking.
  • Resistant to chemicals: Various topcoat options stand up to heavy cleaning agents, like solvents, sanitizers, and alkaline cleaners.
  • Cost savings: Our durable floors can limit the costs associated with frequent repairs or replacement, in addition to eliminating the downtime that comes with them.
  • Safe: We offer multiple textures to protect against hazards that can cause slippage during cleaning or facility operations.

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Food and beverage processors deal with many challenges that require effective flooring solutions, including temperature extremes, moisture, chemical-intensive cleaning, and constant foot and equipment traffic. Moreover, the USDA, FDA, and OSHA require various inspections to ensure regulatory compliance.

Food processing facilities need seamless, sanitary, and easy-to-clean floors to cover these requirements. Our floors can stand up to high levels of impact and provide the compliance you need. We offer multiple flooring options ideal for operations like bakeries, food packaging plants, freezers, bottling areas, and loading docks.


At Dur-A-Flex, we work with a professional network of installers and support staff. Our partners strive to solve the flooring challenges in your facility. These teams are fully trained professionals who take pride in delivering an extensive range of specialized flooring services and are ready to go whenever you need them. They excel in unique conditions, paying close attention to fine details like cracks, joints, and drains for flawless execution.


Although our floors provide high levels of protection and resistance, it’s critical to perform the care they need to ensure a long life. Your floor will look and function like new by establishing a regular cleaning program. Several products we recommend for cleaning include EZ-CleanSimoniz 969, and Tire Mark Remover. At no time should you use a wax stripper on your Dur-A-Flex floor.

The best way to care for our floors is by using a six-step process that involves:

  • Sweeping the floor thoroughly
  • Applying the cleaning product to the floor’s surface
  • Allowing the cleanser enough time to emulsify foreign material
  • Agitating the cleaning solution to aid in releasing dirt particles
  • Removing the cleaning product from the floor
  • Rinsing the floor with water to remove all excess materials


Dur-A-Flex specializes in flooring systems for all parts of food and beverage manufacturing facilities. With over 55 years of experience, we remain one of the most trusted industry leaders in flooring systems, membrane and crack fillers, sealers, primers, resurfaces, and topcoats. Our staff strives to provide high levels of customer service, and our research team is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

We stand ready to help you find the best flooring system for your specific application.

Download our webinar today to learn more, or contact us online to request pricing for your upcoming project.