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Patient safety is the number one priority for your hospital or healthcare facility, medical grade flooring. Our hospital grade flooring offers an easy to clean, stain-resistant, seamless surface that eliminates any crevices that could harbor potentially dangerous bacteria and keeps your hospital or healthcare facility looking and performing at the highest level.

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Healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities are expected to perform at their very best at all times.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of healthcare surfaces, including the floors and walls, should be an efficient process with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day activities.

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Dur-A-Flex’s resinous flooring systems provide the durability and resistance hospital rooms need while withstanding high traffic and the rigors of continuous cleaning.

Flooring systems in a hospital represent much more than a stable surface for foot traffic and equipment. They contribute to the comfort, hygiene, and safety levels for employees, visitors, and patients. A functional hospital flooring system also provides superior slip resistance, easy maintenance, and high stain-repellent properties.

Practical hospital flooring can also improve a patient’s well-being and a healing mindset. Relaxing patterns and colors can help create healthy environments more conducive to recovery and healing.

Hospitals have a greater need for high-performing flooring than other healthcare facilities because they see higher volumes of visitors, house patients for longer periods, and treat more severe medical conditions. When choosing hospital flooring, aesthetics and functionality play critical roles.


Some of the highlighted advantages of Dur-A-Flex flooring for the hospital industry include:

  • Fast installation: We work with a network of installers that can quickly install your flooring systems when time is of the essence. Fast cure times speed the process even more.
  • Durable: Various coating options provide protection against wear from foot traffic and wheeled equipment like gurneys, wheelchairs, and supply carts.
  • Safe and sustainable: Our floor options offer the flexibility to meet the safety requirements of each part of your hospital. Our flooring withstands potent cleaning agents needed for sanitation. Dur-A-Flex seamless floors also feature exceptional slip-resistant qualities, promising to hold up to high amounts of foot traffic for many years down the road.
  • Low maintenance: Dur-A-Flex flooring requires no stripping or waxing, making the cleaning and maintenance processes that much easier.
  • Superior resistance: Besides having the ability to withstand the effects of strong cleaning agents, our floors also provide high levels of resistance against spills and common dirt particles.
  • Cost savings: Dur-A-Flex floors minimize the high costs related to downtime, frequent repairs, and complete replacement for a long life of use with one initial investment.

Like the floors, hospital walls require the same amount of superior durability and resistance. Our Dur-A-Wall products provide high protection against aggressive cleaning agents like acids, solvents, and alcohols. When durability, low maintenance, and hygiene matter most, Dur-A-Wall systems can stand up to the challenge.

Similarly, the hallways in hospitals require optimal flooring solutions to hold up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic. The surfaces need to be smooth and durable to handle various types of wheeled equipment. Our lobby flooring is resilient against wear caused by rain, snow, and dirt coming from the immediate outside areas.

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Reducing HAIs in Healthcare Webinar

 Floors and walls account for one of the largest focal points for aseptic environments and the right solutions have become a critical preventative measure in the fight to reduce infections.

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Our installation partners and support staff will guide you through every step of the installation process. The crew members are Dur-A-Flex approved professionals trained in the proper installation of our products.

We understand the challenges that downtime presents to healthcare facilities. Our team can help you with a quick turnaround on the entire process, from the early design stages through the finished product.


Your hospital floor will look and perform at its best when you clean it properly. By following a scheduled cleaning program, you can ensure your floor will function as it should. We advise using products like Simoniz 969, EZ-Clean, and Tire Mark Remover to keep your floor clean.

The six-step process we suggest for seamless floor maintenance consists of the following:

  • Daily sweeping
  • Using a cleaning product on the floor’s surface
  • Allowing the cleanser enough time to work
  • Agitating the cleaner across the entirety of the floor
  • Removing the cleaner and excess particles
  • Rinsing thoroughly with water

You should avoid applying enzyme-based cleaners or wax strippers to your new seamless floor.


If you’re considering a new flooring system for any part of your hospital, let the team at Dur-A-Flex walk you through the process of choosing a perfect solution. We have been leading the way in the seamless floor industry for more than five decades. We pride ourselves on our exceptional technical expertise, superior customer service, and dedication to providing high-quality flooring products.

Download our webinar today to explore the many benefits of our floors. Feel free to contact us online to request pricing or learn more about any of our products.