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When it comes to laboratories and clean rooms, the right chemical resistant flooring is an integral part of keeping your products and customers safe from production issues and infection. Offering superior chemical resistance and a rapid install process, Dur-A-Flex pharmaceutical lab flooring ensures that your facility is ultra-clean and operational at all times.


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Laboratory environments and drug manufacturing areas are expected to start clean and stay clean.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of lab surfaces, including the walls and floors, should be an efficient process with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day activities.

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Our easy-to-maintain flooring systems offer the necessary durability and functionality to meet the high standards of pharmaceutical facilities. Floors in laboratories must stand up to spills of potentially toxic and corrosive materials. Solvents and chemicals found in these facilities can cause significant damage without proper protection measures. We design our flooring systems to withstand contact with these substances while minimizing the risk of absorption and structural damage to the flooring material.

Dur-A-Flex floors are seamless, meaning they eliminate hard-to-clean cracks and creases where unwanted contaminants and debris can accumulate, making them much easier to clean and sanitize than alternative options.

A slip and fall accident can be even more dangerous in a pharmaceutical facility than in other settings when handling chemicals and other sensitive substances. We put a significant emphasis on slip resistance and worker safety. Our floors provide added traction against falls and slips while maintaining a seamless and easy-to-clean surface.


We can offer you a flooring solution for any part of your lab that requires protection, from processing areas to packaging rooms to your lobby. We blend attractive designs with high-performing technology to deliver a floor that can last many years down the road.

The primary advantages of Dur-A-Flex flooring in the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Easy application: Self-leveling allows for quick and easy installation.
  • Durability: Our floors can withstand high foot and cart traffic, in addition to the heavy impacts associated with lab equipment and machinery.
  • Slip resistance: Our various texture options provide the slip resistance needed to keep everyone safer.
  • Hygienic: Seamless flooring means there’s nowhere for germs and bacteria to hide during cleaning.
  • Chemical resistance: Our flooring solutions can stand up to harsh cleaning solutions and many chemicals found in pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: We offer a variety of decorative broadcast options including vinyl chips, mica flakes and quartz to create a visually stimulating appearance.
  • Easy-to-clean: Seamless and stain-resistant surfaces translate to less time and effort required for care and maintenance.
  • Cost savings: By investing in a flooring system that can hold up to the rigors of the industry, you can save significant money in maintenance and future replacement costs.

Animal holding rooms and vivariums have stringent guidelines when it comes to the protection of animals and lab workers. Our resinous floors provide an optimal solution for these settings. Our systems offer long-term solutions for all areas of a pharmaceutical facility by providing a smooth, clean surface that is highly durable and resistant to impacts and other dangerous risks.

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Learn why seamless flooring and wall systems are  the preferred choices for clean spaces for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets.

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Dur-A-Flex works with a trusted network of installation professionals with the skills to tackle the most challenging flooring projects. Our partners can quickly evaluate your floor plan to determine the best installation methods. Many of our floors feature self-priming and self-leveling capabilities that make them easy to install.

We put the needs and expectations of our customers first in everything we do, from the initial design concepts to the final product. Our dedication to high-quality flooring solutions and superior customer service has helped us maintain our position as an industry leader in the seamless flooring market.


Despite our flooring’s ability to combat heavy traffic, wear, dirt, and bacteria, you must still take the time to perform routine maintenance and care to ensure a long life. Compared to other types of floors, seamless floor maintenance is easy to do with the help of a few basic guidelines.

We recommend using cleaning compounds like Simoniz 969, Tire Mark Remover, and EZ-Clean for all your cleaning tasks. Our six-step process involves:

  • A thorough sweeping of the floor
  • Applying cleaner to the surface
  • Allowing time for the cleaning solution to work
  • Distributing and agitating the solution over the floor
  • Removing the cleanser from the floor
  • Rinsing the floor with water

You should avoid using wax strippers or enzyme-based cleaners on a Dur-A-Flex floor.


Dur-A-Flex strives to maintain the highest product quality and service levels. With over five decades of experience in seamless flooring, our professional team is ready to help you find the most optimal flooring solution for your facility. Our experienced customer service team and highly skilled design engineers make us a trusted name in the seamless flooring industry.

Contact us today to request pricing or download the webinar to learn more about how our products can benefit your pharmaceutical operation.