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Accelera EXT is specially designed to provide a longer working time than regular Accelera. Accelera EXT is a 100% solids, two component proprietary blend of polymers featuring a fast curing resin and hardener. This topcoat is UV resistant and offers excellent stain and chemical resistance and is available in either a clear or pigmented gloss.

Designed and approved for the following systems:

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Product Characteristics:

  • Quick Cure Accelerated curing time as fast as 2 hours per coat
  • Stain Resistant Reduces discoloration caused by common chemicals and cleaners
  • Wear/Chemical Resistant High quality system for superior wear and chemical resistance
  • Hygienic Seamless and easily cleaned/sanitized to reduce bacterial/fungal growth
  • UV Resistant Reduces color degradation due to UV exposure
  • Sustainability Contributes to LEED and other sustainable building programs

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