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Dur-A-Chip is a decorative, seamless flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy and decorative chips. A durable urethane topcoat ensures excellent wear characteristics with stain and chemical resistance. It provides a terrazzo-like appearance with minimal maintenance. Decorative chips are available in both micro and macro sizes. See Chip Color Charts for standard blends; custom colors are available upon request.

  • Thickness: 40 mils (nominal)
  • Meets ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA standards
  • Low odor, VOC compliant
  • Contributes to LEED
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Dur-A-Chip Step Sample

System Build:

Topcoat – Clear Armor-Top

Grout Coat – Clear Dur-A-Glaze #4, or Ultra Clear

Second Chip Broadcast – Clear Dur-A-Glaze #4 and Broadcast of Macro or Micro Decorative Vinyl Chip

Chip Broadcast – Dur-A-Gard OPF and Broadcast of Macro or Micro Decorative Vinyl Chip

PrimerDur-A-Shield II , Dur-A-Glaze WB, Dur-A-Glaze MVP, or Elast-O-Coat

Prepared Substrate – Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 3-4

Product Characteristics:

  • Abrasion Resistance Offering protection from unsightly scratches
  • Low Odor No offensive smell during installation
  • Strength Offering the highest level of durability
  • Chemical Resistance Withstand spills and harsh cleaners
  • Non Slip Offering traction and promoting safety
  • High Traffic Withstand traffic of a busy facility

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