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Dur-A-Gard® MR

Dur-A-Gard™ MR is a solid color seamless pigmented flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy and natural quartz aggregates with a chemical and wear-resistant urethane topcoat. Designed for use in light duty/ light traffic mechanical rooms, Dur-A-Gard MR consists of an optional primer/moisture barrier for use over green concrete, an elastomeric membrane, a 100% solids epoxy wear coat with an optional non-slip broadcast, and a recommended topcoat for added abrasion and UV resistance. Available in an assortment of standard colors; custom colors are available upon request.

  • Thickness: 36-52 mils
  • Easy maintenance, work seamlessly around floor drains
  • High chemical and wear resistance (with Armor Top topcoat)
  • Available in two finish textures: smooth or slip-resistant
  • Reduced steps for quick installation
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Dur-A-Gard MR Step Sample

System Build:

Topcoat – (recommended) Pigmented Armor Top (3-4 mils)

Body Coat/Wear Coat – Dur-A-Gard (16 mils) with optional Aluminum Oxide Broadcast

Membrane – Elast-O-Coat (20 mils)

Primer/Moisture Barrier – (optional) Dur-A-Glaze MVP (16 mils)

Prepared Substrate – Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 2-3

Product Characteristics:

  • Non Slip Offering traction and promoting safety
  • Variable Install Window Coat over green or 28+ day old concrete
  • Waterproofing Membrane Stops water from penetrating the coating
  • Drain Compatible Works seamlessly around floor drains

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