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Dur-A-Wall / Dur-A-Wall FGR

DUR-A-WALL and DUR-A-WALL FGR Epoxy Wall Systems are pigmented, two component, low odor, 100% thermosetting epoxy formulations. DUR-A-WALL FGR (fiberglass reinforced) uses the same epoxy system as our DUR-A-WALL system but incorporates a fiberglass mat designed especially for sheet rock wall applications. DUR-A-WALL is ideally suited for application on concrete, wood, drywall, cement board or block. This coating is extremely durable, sanitary and easy to clean. A urethane topcoat with a high gloss or satin finish is recommended to provide protection against very aggressive solvents, acids and alcohols. Urethane topcoats are stain resistant and provide a high degree of abrasion resistance.

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