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Poly-Crete® Color-Fast

Poly-Crete Color-Fast is a color fast 100% solids, three-component, cementitious aliphatic urethane topcoat. Poly-Crete Color-Fast can be used over Poly-Crete TF as a thin film flooring system or as a topcoat for Poly-Crete HF, Poly-Crete MD, Poly-Crete WR and as a grout coat for Poly-Crete MDB and SLB systems. Poly-Crete Color-Fast preserves performance and durability of cementitious urethane systems and resists discoloration from UV exposure. Poly-Crete Color-Fast is designed to be fast curing and offers better stain resistance to food processing chemicals.

  • Low Odor
  • Meets USDA/FDA/OSHA Standards 
  • Fast Dry Time
  • Color Stable
  • Good Stain Resistance to Food Processing Chemicals

Designed and approved for the following systems:

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