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Vent-E is a pigmented, breathable epoxy flooring system featuring high permeability throughout the entire coating. It is designed for use in areas that cannot be coated with traditional epoxy flooring systems due to high moisture and salts. This quick curing, water-based system is applied in two coats with a nominal cured thickness of 10-12 mils. Vent-E improves the look of concrete while increasing chemical and wear resistance. This system is low VOC and complies with VOC regulations for industrial coatings.

Common Use Sites:

  • Tool Rooms
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Dry Goods Manufacturing
  • Storage Areas
  • Warehouse Spaces
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System Build:

Second Body Coat – Dur-A-Flex Vent-E

First Body Coat – Dur-A-Flex Vent-E

Prepared Substrate
– Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 2

Product Characteristics:

  • Breathable
  • Protective Coating
  • Quick Cure Accelerated curing time
  • Quick Install Reduced installation steps for less downtime during installation
  • Sustainability Contributes to LEED and other sustainable building programs
  • Wear/Chemical Resistant High quality system for superior wear and chemical resistance

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