5 Takeaways from World of Concrete

The first month of the year is barely behind us yet somehow the largest event in the concrete industry has already taken place. With 3 indoor halls and 3 outdoor lots – this year’s World of Concrete offered attendees anything and everything concrete. If you couldn’t make the trip, here are the 5 biggest takeaways from the show:

What We Heard:

Business is Good

We met so many of you who were experiencing great growth in your business and were at World of Concrete to expand to keep up. The majority of those we spoke with were on the hunt to add to their prep equipment – the amount of vendors in this area was overwhelming, including HTC, Sase and so many more. We were happy to hear the emphasis on proper prep equipment as it’s such an integral part to our floor systems being installed correctly!

We also heard from a lot of companies that were interested in adding to their services “toolbox”. With a background in concrete – there are so many avenues to take your business in and we were thrilled with the amount of you who were interested in adding resinous coatings to your skill set in 2018.

Everyone is looking for the Next Big Thing

The World of Concrete audience isn’t a novice crowd. You guys are experienced in the industry and know what works for your customers and what doesn’t. We found that most people were there looking for the next “big thing” that would revolutionize their business and the status quo of how things are done. We were happy to be able to offer many of you just that solution with our Accelera® Fast-Track floor systems. While Accelera has been in the market for four years now, many of you were being introduced to it for the first time. With its two hour cure and low odor…we saw several people get on their hands and knees to try to smell the product curing. It was pretty fun to see the smiles when you agreed that it really was low odor!


What We Saw:

Turnout on the Rise

While the location hasn’t changed in years, it appeared to us that the audience keeps growing; both in exhibitors and attendees (note: official totals haven't been released from the show yet). The amount of large-scale booths was noticeable, the outdoor lots were jam-packed and the amount of booths increased in South Hall, stretching much further to the back than in recent years.  We at Dur-A-Flex® had our glowing green booth in South Hall – you couldn’t miss us! We had an influx of visitors walk on our “globe floor” each day of the show and we got to discuss our Applicator Training Program which we offer at all three of our locations (Connecticut, Illinois and California) with them.

Demonstrations are Where it’s At

Everywhere you went you could watch exhibitors showing off their products and their benefits. What’s great about these outdoor lots at World of Concrete is that you get to put your hands on products that can save your business money and time in the field. There were demonstrations of endless different types of equipment (did you see that excavator crushing concrete?), floor products, concrete mixes and concrete pouring tools, the list went on and on.

At Dur-A-Flex's outdoor booth we demonstrated all of our core technologies; our MMA floor systems (Cryl-A-Flex), our cementitious urethane floor systems (Poly-Crete®), our fast-track flooring system (Accelera) and our epoxy floor systems. We had several members of our Technical Services Team on-site to answer questions and we really enjoyed the live Q&A we had with attendees as we were demonstrating our products. Questions on best applications for each system, correct installation techniques and time-saving tips were discussed and helped further showcase that these floor systems are designed to solve specific problems that you see on jobsites every day. 


What We Took Away from World of Concrete

The main thing we took away from World of Concrete 2018 is that it’s going to be a busy year. We got to speak with so many familiar faces and the overall mood was that 2017 was a great year but 2018 is going to be even better. The atmosphere at the show highlighted that the construction industry is growing and with it, the concrete and coatings industries will thrive. It was great to see so many of our current customers and meet so many  future ones. If you couldn’t make the trip - we look forward to seeing you in 2019. It’s worth the trip to research anything and everything to do with the coatings industry. But don’t wait until next year…let's get the conversation started now! Contact us!

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