How to Choose the Color of my Floor?

You’ve determined what type of floor system you need. You’ve determined the square footage. You've chosen a qualified installer for the project. Yet the final step…how does one determine the best color for your new floor? The color options are endless when choosing a resinous floor system for your facility. Here are some important considerations to think about prior to making your final choice:

Chip Blends

Resinous floor systems can have vinyl chips broadcast into them for a decorative look that can be customized into any color blend. One of the great benefits of this look is the great hiding power these blends provide (from dust, dirt, etc.). When considering a chip system consider what will be done in this area. If it’s an area where screws and small tools could be dropped on the floor – the hiding power of these chip systems will work against you in making small objects difficult to find.

Grey Floors

In our industry, grey floors are the most popular option across the board, from kitchens to manufacturing plants. They are a classic choice to make your facility look clean and yet not stand out or take away from the activities that are taking place atop the floors. If you are looking for a floor that looks great but doesn’t draw attention – anything in the grey family is a great option.

White/Light Colored Floors
As to be expected, light color floors have the worst hiding power for dirt and debris…but this isn’t always a bad thing. We see many applications, such as operating rooms, clean rooms and grow facilities, that choose white or light color floors to highlight anything that may end up on the floor. In these facilities anything that hits the floor can have a major impact to operations (even causing shutdowns) so its important that they see it immediately.



Need to show a designated walking area? Need people to pay specific attention to where they are in the room? Consider patterns or shapes in your floor. Most manufacturing facilities utilize different colors to designate areas of importance such as fork lift paths. Similarly, healthcare facilities utilize different colors on the floor to designate where people should be standing in surgery or in a trauma situations where team placement is of the utmost importance. Utilizing bright colors such as yellows and reds can cause people to focus on where they are walking and standing and pay attention to safety.

Custom Colors

How do you ensure that you’ve got a one-of-a-kind floor? Utilize custom colors! From school colors to your favorite NFL team – chip, quartz and solid color floor systems can be matched to your exact colors. This is an excellent way to ensure branding continuity in your facility.


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