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What is Resinous Flooring

Often referred to as seamless floors or epoxy flooring, resinous floors are poured floors built for functionality and aesthetics. They are layered systems which are applied onsite with each layer having a specific purpose. The layers enable each resinous flooring system to be custom in design and to serve the demands of the exact area they are being applied.

Extremely hygienic, durable and attractive, seamless floors are preferred for many industries. Resinous floors are applied to a substrate, typically concrete. Some systems require a primer to help bond the layers, next a body coat is installed for thickness and strength, followed by a broadcast or grout coat which gives you textures and aesthetics, and lastly a performance topcoat is applied to protect against chemical attack, cleaning and normal wear and tear.

Choosing Your Floor

Dur-A-Flex flooring systems are available in several chemistries. Choose the chemistry and the performance topcoats based on the specific needs of the environment they are being designed for.


Take a look at our downloadable brochures to learn more about Dur-A-Flex seamless floors.

On-Demand Knowledge

Resinous floors are available in various designs and colors and have many benefits. Watch these webinars to learn which flooring works best in your industry.

About Dur-A-Flex

More than fifty five years of dedication, expertise, innovation, care and passion go into each and every one of our resinous flooring products.

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