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Bulk UM Mixing

February 18, 2019

Large substrate repair and sloping projects can be very challenging.

The biggest challenge is mixing the material fast enough to sustain consistent production on the floor. In the past, this has been achieved with multiple mix stations, each operated by a three man crew. Not only does this increase the man power, it also requires extra tools and a larger foot print for the mix station.

The alternative is to mix in bulk. This can be done using a mortar mixer like the one pictured below. This is a gas powered trailer mount mortar mixer that is typically available to rent from any equipment rental facility. This mixer gives you the ability to mix

4-5 kits of UM at once using three guys to mix and one guy to run the material to the floor.

The mix process starts by adding the UM aggregate directly into the mixer. While the aggregate is being added, the UM Resin and Hardener are mixed together in a separate 5 gallon bucket using a 5” jiffler blade. Once the Resin and Hardener are mixed thoroughly, add them into the mixer with the UM aggregate and allow mixing for 2-3 minutes, making sure that the aggregate is completely wetted out.

Once mixing is complete, dump the material out of the mix drum into a wheel barrel. Immediately deliver the material to the floor to allow the maximum amount of working time.

Dylan Snyder
Technical Manager – West

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