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Choosing the Right Notched Squeegee

December 17, 2018

Choosing the right notched squeegee is the first step to getting the proper coverage. The thickness of the material application differs with each size of notched squeegee used.

  • 1/8″ V-Notched Squeegee = 200 SF/gal = 8 mils
  • 3/16″ V-Notched Squeegee = 100 SF/gal = 16 mils
  • 1/4″ V-Notched Squeegee = 80 SF/gal = 20 mils
  • Flat Squeegee = Grout Coats and Topcoats

In addition to using the proper squeegee, mark batches by placing a piece of tape on the wall prior to installation. This is a quick step to ensure that there is enough material to complete the job, as well as provides a visual marker to monitor coverage throughout the install.

Example: If your spread rate is 100 square feet and your area is 20 feet wide, you would make a mark every 5 feet (100 divided by 20 = 5).

A notched squeegee needs to be replaced approximately every 1,000 sq. ft., depending on the roughness of the substrate.

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