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Cove Application Tips – Chalk Line

July 23, 2018

I often see completed cove with a chalk line still visible at the top. Sure, it can be cleaned off, but anytime cove with a cove strip is installed, the chalk line can be hidden by lowering the placement of the chalk line by the width of the cove strip. The cove strip can then be applied as usual, but above the chalk line. This tip will save you a step. 

Since keeping the self-stick cove strips in place can at times be a challenge, try using contact cement to greatly improve the bonding. Just apply a thin coat of contact cement on the wall, allow to tack up for 15 minutes or so, then peel and stick the self-adhesive cove strip in place.

So remember, lowering the chalk line the width of the cove strip and setting the cove strip above the line completely hides any chalk when the cove is installed.

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