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Cove Trowels – Tool Prep

July 25, 2018

A cove trowel with a shiny, smooth surface glides the best and will require less effort to produce a better looking cove.

Cove trowels used for the application of Dur-A-Flex systems, in some cases, may have imperfections on the working surface or edges due to the manufacturing process. Welding burrs, edge burrs, or even a flange along a trowel’s edge can contribute to application marks in your cove finish.

Most mild welding or edge burrs can be knocked down by simply breaking-in the trowel against a concrete surface with a back and forth motion.

A trowel with significant metal burrs, or edge imperfections may require the use of a flat file to create a clean edge/surface. However, the use of grinders or any aggressive media could damage the working surface of the trowel beyond repair, so practice a “less is more” method when cleaning up finish tools.

Welding burr:

Edge flange:

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