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Creating Crisp Lines in a Broadcast Floor

May 8, 2020

To create crisp lines in a broadcast floor. I use a laser for long runs and drop the target every 15 feet or so. On long runs you have to get the longest point straight first, then work backwards dropping the target every 15’.  (The laser usually does not form a solid line because the concrete is not flat.) I mark the outside edge of where the line should be and place a tiny X with a sharpie where the coating will go.  It looks Like this: IX  

Then I use blue tape (3M 2090) and tape to the marker line, leaving the “X” still exposed.  If it’s a 2” line I will use the tape roll to mark the other outside edge, if it is larger I will cut a piece of wood the width of the line to mark against. 

When both sides are taped you have to step back and look at the line.  Because the floor undulates, it will appear thick and thin. You have to make visual corrections accordingly because even though the laser is straight the undulations will throw the tape off.  Also tension on the tape will make it stretch thick and thin. Once satisfied, I push the tape down with a hard “J” or formica roller.  (We attached ours to a pole so we can stand and lean on it.)

To prevent bleed, I started doing a tight seal coat with clear Cove-Rez and fast. I mix a small batch (3 pints) and put down 2-3 very tight layers with a 3” roller (wet on wet). Once it’s slightly tacky, I switch to Dur-A-Gard and Crete-Gard hardener. I apply the Gard the same way in multiple tight layers wet on wet.  Once the “X” from the sharpie disappears I know I have good hiding. Then I pull the tape immediately. If I still have any bleed, it is minimal and I touch it up with a dry shop towel.

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