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Determining the amount of Cryl-A-Cure (BPO) to Purchase for an Installation

December 22, 2022

bpo in box

Cry-A-Cure (BPO) is the initiator used for the polymerization of all Cryl-A-Flex MMA based resins and Cryl-A-Tex polymer concrete.

Cryl-A-Cure (BPO) is sold in two different package sizes. It is important to know the volume in ounces of each:

  • 1 Gallon Plastic Pail = ~100 ounces
  • 55 lb. box = ~1100 ounces

The number of ounces (volume) of BPO to be mixed with the MMA resins is dependent on the substrate / material temperature. See the Cryl-A-Flex Mixing Chart for mixing volumes.

When determining how much BPO to purchase for a jobsite, it is good to assume the substrate / material temperature will be 40┬░F or 10 degrees lower than the anticipated substrate temperature, which would require the most ounces of BPO per 1 gallon of resin or 1 quart of Cryl-A-Cove.

This will ensure that you always have enough BPO for your job.

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