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Document, Document, Document

January 2, 2020

Documenting projects has become part of the norm these days. Record keeping can become redundant, but when done properly it can provide vital details for each project. Whether you are keeping records for your own organization or have a General Contractor that requires it, a comprehensive record keeping system is important.  Here are a few key items to record at every project.

  • Lot Numbers – Every product we manufacture has a lot number printed on the packaging. The lot numbers identify the manufacture date of each product.  If an issue ever arises, a lot number check is one of the first steps taken in the investigation.
  • Environmental Conditions – The environmental readings are not only important during the installation, but can also help down the road if there is an issue. When a complaint comes in, environmental readings are one of the first items we look at along with lot numbers.
  • Pictures – Take lots of pictures. Pictures taken during the prep and install are essential. The pictures provide visual reference of the entire installation process. They are also crucial for documenting jobsite specific issues that may be encountered.  Make sure all the pictures taken are time stamped as well. Before and after pictures are great for marketing purposes. 

Nobody likes doing more paperwork than they have to, but a good record keeping system can play a key role in mitigating issues down the road.  They are also great teaching tools to avoid continuously making the same mistakes.

Dylan Snyder
Technical Services Manager – West

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