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Don’t Forget the Joints

May 20, 2020

Proper joint treatment is a crucial step to a successful install.  Whether it is a non-moving joint or a moving joint, the proper steps need to be taken to ensure these joints don’t come back to haunt you later.

  • Identify the type of joint you are dealing with. Non-moving (static) joints are usually called control or contraction joints. Moving (dynamic) joints are commonly called isolation, construction, and expansion joints.
  • Non-moving joints should be filled flush with the surface of the concrete using rigid joint filler compatible with the flooring system. Once filled, the floor system can be installed over the top.
  • Moving joints need to be honored. Once the floor system is complete, use a ¼” wide blade to cut completely through the system. Use closed cell backer rod and fill with the appropriate semi-rigid joint filler or flexible joint sealant. 

Make sure to take time and properly address these details to avoid unnecessary heartburn down the road.

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