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Importance of Performing Mock Ups

January 24, 2022

No one wants to see a look of disappointment or confusion when a designer or facility owner casts their eyes on a newly installed resinous floor. A good way to avoid this scenario is to perform a mock up. There are several benefits to performing mock ups; therefore, Dur-A-Flex recommends them for every project.

The number one benefit of a mock up is setting your customers’ expectations for the overall look of the finished floor. Seeing a picture, or a 3” x 3” inch sample, isn’t always enough for a person to realize what the flooring system will look like in their space. A mock up is a better way to achieve this.

Mock ups set customers’ expectations for:

  • Texture – The mock up can be walked on to get a true feel for the texture underfoot.
  • Slip Resistance – The end user can test the slip resistance to ensure it’s enough or if it is too aggressive.
  • Color* – Lighting and surrounding colors in any space will impact how the floor will ultimately look.
  • Finish* – Is a gloss finish too glossy in the space? Would satin or an orange peel finish look better?

* For mockups that are installed in closets or areas that are not the final spaces, color and finish may not be an accurate representation.

One particular flooring system that mock ups can be incredibly valuable for is ReFLEXions. Since the metallic pigments can be combined and applied to create a variety of designs, the mock up can be used to ensure you and you customer have the same style and color combination in mind.

How large should a mock up be?

We have found that a mock up of 100 square feet is sufficient. Depending on the system being installed, your cost and time can certainly be a deterrent, but having a pleased customer with a flooring system that suits their physical and visual needs is invaluable.

Another bonus of performing a mock up is it gives you an opportunity to better examine the substrate and uncover any potential issues or the need for additional work such as patching or preparing the concrete. Again, this helps you set the customers’ expectations, but this time for pricing and a timeline to complete the work.

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