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Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

July 25, 2018

I was recently pouring product into a mix pail while another person was operating the drill. In my haste, I poured too quickly while at the same time making contact with the mixing paddle. That mixing paddle spun out of control and sprayed me with product from waist height all the way up to my face. Thankfully, my skin and more importantly, my eyes were not affected because I was wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment. A long sleeve shirt protected my skin, safety glasses shielded my eyes, and a dust mask protected my face and mouth. It happened instantaneously, was a little scary, and was quite embarrassing.

The picture above shows the basic essentials for mixing safely and the actual long sleeve shirt that I was wearing.

Safety requirements should not be taken lightly, the simple step of wearing even the most basic PPE can make all the difference. After all, it is much easier to protect yourself now than to heal from an injury later. Keeping a safe mixing environment is extremely important, and can aid in reducing jobsite accidents as well as downtime.

Bart Rinaldi
Technical Manager – South

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