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LTC Additive

December 17, 2018

When installing MMA systems at temperatures that are at freezing or below (inside or outside), it is a good idea to have LTC (low temperature cure) additive on hand.

LTC is added to MMA resins for proper curing when floor temperatures are at or below 32°F. Even if the average floor temperature is above 32°F, there have been instances where the floor temperature was actually lower than 32°F in areas around aluminum doors, glass window frames that extend to floor level, exterior walls and dock areas.

In those cases, add the proper amount of LTC and Cryl-A-Cure to small batches and apply to the areas that are colder than the whole floor while applying the floor system to the general floor area. This will require accurate measuring as well as timing for both mixing and applying, so be sure to have the appropriate manpower on hand for the room size and floor layout. Also, a high quality infrared thermometer is essential to accurately read the floor temperature.

Be sure to check the floor and any suspect areas repeatedly throughout the installation. The Cryl-A-Flex mix chart contains all the required information for measuring and mixing LTC additive and Cryl-A-Cure for each specific MMA resin.

Bart Rinaldi
Technical Manager – South

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