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Mix Station 101: Accelera

June 12, 2018

  • The Accelera resin buckets are short filled so the hardener can be added directly into the resin and then mixed.
  • The hardener must be completely scraped out of the bucket using a paint stick or spatula. Failure to scrape the hardener out will result in a mis-mix.
  • Avoid using spiral mixing blades as they sling material towards the side of the bucket, resulting in unmixed material on the sides of the bucket. A 3” Jiffler blade with a 750 rpm drill is recommended. When using Bond Promoter (BP) in Accelera EXT, add the BP to the resin, mix for 15 seconds, then immediately add the hardener and mix for an additional 30 seconds. Do not allow the BP to sit in the resin.
  • Mix time for Accelera is 45 seconds.
  • Only mix one kit of Accelera at a time.

Dylan Snyder
Technical Manager – West

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